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Finding me... in sound byte electricity.

Forgetting for awhile... sitting for awhile... smiling for awhile.

Shut it out... shut it up... shut it down.

Shine on me... shine around me... shine for me.

Frame of mind... Fraction of mind...

Peace of MIND.

Seductive chaos of music... nibble on my ear.

Current Mood: artistic

Today I hit the 35 pound mark at Weight Watchers!

I've had various people tell me I should stop losing weight now - I've lost "too much" - but honestly, all I'm doing is living a healthier lifestyle.  My body is shedding the extra weight that it doesn't need - simple as that.  Think of it as a sweet side effect to good, clean living. ;-)

With the help of the treadmill & various dvd's, I'll have muscles! Real muscles! So I don't have to just be thin - I can be strong too! I want to be tone, have a flat stomach and have natural energy.  This can only be done through physical means AND eating right. (Not just one or the other.)

A friend encouraged me to go back to the dailymile.com to track my treadmill run/walk progress - so I'll be posting there 3 days a week when I do the cardio.   It's amazing how your body rewards you with endorphins after a great workout!

Oh! The latest food discovery:
Mashed up banana in a bowl with 1Tbsp chopped nuts. Sprinkle cinnamon on top. <--2 ww points

It's naturally sweet and usually keeps me full for about 1-2 hours!

Current Mood: bouncybouncy

Proverbial glue that binds...

The filling of the void.

Cleanse my mind on high volume...

Fill my eyes with lyrical emotion.

Lift me up with a familiar verse...

Wrap me up into melodic lullaby.

Romance me with your notes...

Invigorate me with your Beat.

Warm me up with Harmony...

Free me with words or no words at all.

Affect me...

Change me...

You do.

Current Mood: artistic

Immersed in Warm Water, I think it must feel similar to babies in the womb - comforted by a liquid blanket.  Of course they'd cry - why on earth would they want to leave, only to feel that cold air upon departure?  For me, it isn't simply about the jets, though the hum is likened to a lullaby that only your body knows the words to...
No. Once the jets STOP, that's the magic, how your body tingles from the water settling back into place without further movement.  When you can actually hear the bubbles whispering loudly amongst eachother...and as the minutes pass, they separate into several small islands in the water, slowly disappearing right in front of you.  At some point, the water becomes clear again and the spell is broken. Time for departure...


Current Mood: peacefulpeaceful

Only Day 2 of the New Year, but I started in on the book-reading today with the novel "Thirteen Reasons Why" by Jay Asher. It was heartbreaking material, about a young girl who commits suicide but leaves 13 tapes behind for 13 people, explaining the events that led up to her decision to take her own life. It's my first fictional read in a LONG time - a book I gifted to Frank for Christmas - he finished it and suggested I read it as well.  This book reminds me of such movies like "Crash" or "Magnolia" - how the people are all connected in some way.  That theme has always interested me & I find that I never grow tired of new movies with that same, connect-the-dots style to it.

The writing style is different from anything else I've read, so it intrigued me from page to page, until I realized I was only a short time until the end - finished it up a little bit ago - all in a day's time.

I have 4 other books, compliments of a sweet client that knows I love non-fiction.  May have to work on one of those next...  

Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful

There are certain things in life that tend to keep a person grounded, sane & more pleasant to be around.  So this year, instead of a list of "Resolutions", I have a list of such things that give me a sense of "peace". I'm sharing them here & reminding myself so that I can hold onto it through 2010. 

Sundays with the Hubby.  In the warmer months, it's usually venturing out to find a decent scenic view for pictures to add to his portfolio - but in the colder months, it's about cinematic indulgences.  I know we tend to let this slip sometimes, but we need to keep it - a day of the week to look forward to as a couple for quality time together.

Books. Internet abound, I forget about books sometimes - that I can sit with a book on my lap before bed, get into that routine of reading a few pages, absorbing the words, the knowledge.  As my guy says, there is always that sense of satisfaction in getting to the end of the book - but a sadness too, that it's over.  (Eve you will totally relate to this, I'm sure - you being a fellow book-reader as well.) 

Drawn Bath.  This is a big one - since I'm usually a shower person - get in, get out.  There is something so appealing about sitting in a warm bath and letting your thoughts just...dissolve.  When I'm in there, I literally forget time for awhile.  My whole body falls into a state of calm and it doesn't matter what happened an hour ago - all I can think about is...nothing.  (Even better when you turn the jets on.)

Pets.  I may complain about the dog getting into things or the cat knocking this or that off of the counter, but really, they are ours.  Our kiddo's.  The dog always knows if your in a blue mood, the cat always climbs onto a lap to cuddle - inconvenient times, but nonetheless.  Nothing else like a warm pet that wants nothing more than to get close to you and have you scratch under their chin or get them a pat on the head.  Animal love is so different than people love - Animals come back 2 minutes after you've scolded them - they just want to be in your good graces. Amazing, yes?

Massages. It took me all the way up until a few months ago to talk myself into a regular routine of Massage care... for myself.  Not only is it therapeutic for my body - but my mind as well.  There is something so unique about the caring touch put into this - coming away from a treatment feeling even slightly better than when you first entered the room.  I try to look at it as my healthcare preventative program, something that keeps me grounded.

Food.  Yes, food gives me peace. ;)   But really though, we abuse food so much that I'm typing this here as a reminder that I love how specific foods make me feel.  The juice extract of fresh fruits & veggies, even eating raw produce in the summer - it's so clean and my digestion is working so well when I do this.  Hubbs made an Autumn soup today that took 2 hours to prepare & I enjoyed a bowl, thinking, "This is how it feels to eat clean".  Through the Holiday season, there are rarely "clean" foods made, you know?  It's comfort foods.  What's so ironic is we usually eat "comfort" foods until we aren't comfortable at ALL.  Generally, I don't overdose on veggies, but at Christmas time, I sure will do it on sugar!  This is a forehead-smack, a reminder, of how good it is to have proper digestion versus feeling like a slug.  ;)

Like I said - this is no "New Year's Resolution" Blog - just a few things I need to put on cyber paper.  Keeps it at the forefront of my mind.

Any of you have a few things YOU are anxious to do in this New YEAR 2010?

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